Many people are unaware of tests that are available for early detection of cancer such as the ONCOblot and the Greece Test by R.G.C.C. These are highly sensitive tests that can measure circulating cancer cells for all cancer types before they appear in the form of a tumor and before any clinical signs are detected by CT scans, MRI or other blood tests.

R.G.C.C has a test that grows your circulating tumor cells and tests them against all the known chemotherapy agents as well as many natural substances such as curcumin and green tea. This test can tell you what substances to focus on and how sensitive your cancer cells are to each substance. These can be invaluable tools in your plan of attack. I know many people may not be able to afford tests like these but I want you to be aware of them. There are other many tests they do as well. Someday, these tests will be the standard of care.  Please visit the site links below to find out more information.

These tests are not difficult to do. They only require a blood test. Home page for RGCC Several videos on YouTube answering FAQ about RGCC


  1. How can I locate certifiable alternative cancer locations in the New York area?

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I would be happy to guide you. Please book an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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