Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our clients through information and education to be the masters of their own health. We strive to deliver the tools they need to discover true wellness through proven therapies and practices and allow them to maximize their personal potential and enjoyment of their life. 

Our story

As a young adult caring for both of her ill parents, Valerie Warwick, Founder & Primary Consultant of My Wellness tutor, realized her natural ability as a nurse, and her interest in the healing arts grew. Valerie graduated with her nursing degree in 1997. Her nursing career led her into Oncology where she spent 17 years in direct patient care, in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.  During that time Valerie obtained her certification as an Oncology Nurse Specialist and developed a strong clinical background in all aspects of patient care. In 2009 Valerie’s focus began to change after experiencing her own health challenges. Using whole food nutrition, and the principles and practices of Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine, Valerie realized a profound change in her own health as she incorporated these practices into her own life.

She realized that allopathic medicine perpetuated a shift in metabolism, and in the way the body was able to utilize the basics of water, oxygen and nutrients.  It was a profound awaking and it completely changed her paradigm. She realized that treating illness by suppressing symptoms and the body’s immune system never brought healing to anyone. Valerie realized that toxins and micronutrient deficiencies are the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century and that true healing can only come by removing the burden of toxins, followed by restoring the immune system through nutrients, real – nutrient dense food, water, oxygen, sunlight, movement, spiritual awareness and the joy of healthy loving relationships. 

Valerie’s desire is to help others rediscover and restore their health and vitality by supporting the body’s own ability to heal itself given the right environment. Valerie’s passion and life’s purpose is to help in this regard.

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